The Madness Of Love Which Started It All: Chapter 2

Ambrogio who's totally not creeped out by the underworld or hades started bitchin' about the sunlight curse (You know what Ambrogio a hello is more common when you see the god of the underworld for the first time)
Hades definitly interested in helping Ambrogio and not intending on using him at all offered a deal: if he could steal the silver bow of Artemis "greek goddess of hunting and moonlight whos also happens to be Apollo's sister" and bring it to Hades, He will would grant Ambrogio and Selene protection in the underworld. (cuz you know it is the best place to start a family) The deal specified that Hades would give Ambrogio a magical wooden bow and 11 arrows to hunt with, of course the deal will cost him his soul as he Hades will claim it until Ambrogio returns with the silver bow. no bow no soul, Ambrogio agreed.
He had no way to contact Selene. (i'm happy I live in the texting era) He had parchments, but no writing implement, so he took his bow and arrow and killed a swan. Using its feather as a pen, and its blood as the ink, he wrote her a note explaining that he could not meet with her but would find a way for them to be together. He left the note in their "spot" and ran off before burning to a crisp.
Naturally, Selene was devastated when she found the note, but she kept working at the temple as she did not want to anger Apollo any further. The next morning, Selene went back to the "spot" but once again Ambrogio was not there. She saw another piece of parchment with writing in blood on it. It was a love poem from him. can I get an "awwwwww"?
Before morning for 44 days Ambrogio slew a swan and used its blood to write Selene a love poem. ( can I get an another awwwwww) After draining the blood and taking a single feather he offered the body of the swan as a tribute to Artemis, He hoped that even if he could not steal her bow, she would be honored by the tribute and would be able to convince her brother Apollo to remove the curse. Ahh Ambrogio bro you forgot something.. ah right it's your soul with Hades.
On the 45th night, Ambrogio had only one arrow left. He shot it at a swan and missed, the arrow sailing into the distance. He had neither the blood to write Selene's poem nor the swan to sacrifice to Artemis. He fell to the ground and cried.

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